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We are a full service title company licensed to do business in the state of Florida since 1996 specializing in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Hernando counties. Services include: Purchase closings, refinances, reverse mortgages, short sales, REO’s and commercial.

If you want to know what makes Republic Land & Title stand out as a world-class title insurance agency and settlement services provider, just read our client testimonials. Many of our clients have gone out of their way to send us positive feedback for making their closings go as smoothly as possible.


Recent concerns related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) have generated significant public attention and changes in guidelines prescribed by health officials such as the CDC and the WHO.

Republic Land & Title, Inc. has developed protocols to ensure healthy and safe closings in the wake of this uncertainty.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, clients and their families. We also recognize that we play an integral role in the real estate industry and must remain open and available to service the needs of our customers.

Here new policies Republic Land & Title have implemented:

  • Post-Closing Disinfecting: After each closing, the chairs, table and clip boards will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes.
  • General Environmental Cleaning inside the office: Cleaning personnel are using appropriate germ-killing solutions when cleaning office areas after-hours.
  • Social Distancing: When possible, stay approximately six feet from others.
  • Stay home when sick: Employees are encouraged to stay home when they are sick.

We thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

We will keep you updated if/or when changes are made.

 Revised 5/2/2022


Protection including those even the most thorough searches of the public records do not disclose.


Facilitating the flow of mortgage money by identifying title problems, so they can be resolved whenever possible.


Providing the lender a high degree of safety against loss of capital from title hazards by identifying risks and eliminating them whenever possible.


Title problems found in a search of public records are learned in a timely manner and what information the title company needs to issue the insurance.

Purchase closings

Let us smoothly finalize your real estate transaction with ease!


We’re a full-service agency and refinancing your home is a simple option we offer

Reverse mortgages

Allowing for a source of income without you having to move!

Short sales

We’ll work with debtors and lien-holders to secure your transaction.

Residential REOs

The Real Estate Owned foreclosure process can be difficult. Let us help!

Commercial REOs

We’ll help with any foreclosure protocols with commercial property


​Republic Land & Title has been around since 1996 handling purchase closings throughout Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties. We are authorized to open and hold an escrow account on behalf of two principal parties, such as a buyer and seller, who are involved in a real estate transaction. Real estate transactions often involve multiple steps, which can span weeks. The best way to mitigate the risk of either the seller or the buyer getting losing money in a failed transaction is to have a neutral third party such as Republic Land & Title to hold all the money and documents related to the transaction until everything has been settled at the closing. Once all procedural formalities are over, the money and documents are moved from the custody of the escrow account to the buyer and seller, thereby guaranteeing a secure transaction. This gives both parties the trust, faith and confidence for a successful closing.


When a homeowner decides to do a refinance or home equity loan, a title search is necessary for any real estate transaction to firmly establish who is the true property owner. Republic Land & Title will do a complete and thorough search on every title to check for claims or liens of any kind against the title before a lender will close on the loan. The presence of liens can create a cloud on title, which is when a claim or an unreleased lien has invalidated or impair the owner’s title to the property. Erroneous surveys, unresolved building code violations, divorce or outstanding financial responsibilities are often some of the causes of blemishes that can make a title “dirty” and prevent it from being clear. A clear title is a title without any type of lien or levy from creditors, or other parties, and poses no question as to legal ownership.


A reverse mortgage allows the homeowner to withdraw a portion of the equity available in a home they already own. Reverse mortgages are only available to consumers ages 62 and older and can only be completed with a clear title. This type of loan product is designed for consumers who own their homes outright, with clear title, and have a considerable amount of equity to draw from. Republic Land & Title offers the skill and comprehensive attention to detail to ensure a smooth and seamless closing.


A short sale is a financial option that is sometimes available to homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments, have a home that is distressed, and or are underwater when the value of a home drops by 20% or more. The home is worth less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage.  A short sale transaction benefits the bank by allowing it to avoid repossessing the home in foreclosure, which is expensive, and time-consuming. The benefit to the seller is they avoid the credit hit that comes with a foreclosure and the bankruptcy that sometimes accompanies it. For most troubled homeowners, a short sale can be a way to avoid repossession, eviction, and black marks on their credit ratings. For a potential buyer, completing a short sale requires flexibility and a great deal of patience. Republic Land & Title offers the experience to handle short sale transactions with precision and accuracy. Short sales tend to be lengthy and paperwork-intensive transactions, sometimes taking up to a full year to process.


Real estate owned (REO) is property owned by a lender, such as a bank, that has not been successfully sold at a foreclosure auction. REO properties can include detached houses, condominiums, townhomes, land and commercial property. A lender, often a bank or quasi-governmental entity such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will take ownership of a foreclosed property in their portfolio when no bidder or offers at a high enough price could be attained at a foreclosure auction. The lender seeks a dollar amount sufficient enough to cover the loan balance. To make an REO property more attractive to buyers, the lender may attempt to remove some of the liens and other expenses accumulated on the property’s title.

Republic Land & Title is skilled to undertake the task of tracking down the deeds, liens and any encumbrances that may be hidden in the title. REO properties can be attractive to real estate investors because banks may, in some cases, sell them at a discount to their market value since selling such properties is not typically their primary business line. Republic Land & Title has effectively conveyed clear title that has helped many banks liquidate their properties quickly and efficiently.